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We may not be big, but we’re mighty…and big is overrated anyway. Why spend money on lots of overhead. Instead, we’re a nimble, hands-on and efficient group who loves what we do. No strict corporate structure, no layers of people, no “account reps” and no B.S. There, we said it. Straight shooters are what we are because we want to give you the best product possible. That’s all there is to it…simple…as it should be.

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Static Website

If your site is mostly informational, then this is the kind of site that would best suit your business since updates, revisions, and changes are not often needed, if at all. Static also means that every visitor to your website will see the exact same thing, there are no changes in content based on what the viewer is clicking on. Examples of these types of sites would be a portfolio or resume site, brochure site, and other types of read-only sites where content or imagery may only change a couple of times a year. At that point, we’re happy to help with those.

Dynamic or CMS Website

You’ve probably heard the term, “CMS.” It stands for Content Management System. All this means is that: 1) If your website requires routine updating of content CMS allows YOU to make changes on the fly; and 2) If your site is dynamic wherein what the viewer sees is based on what choices they’re making on your site. Either way, this type of site is typically built in WordPress as it’s inherently SEO-friendly and is intrinsically mobile-optimized. We can always get into the nerdy stuff later, but essentially this is the most important stuff.



Want to sell products and services online? Then an e-commerce website is the way to go. Think of it as a big online store that’s focused on B2C, B2B, C2C or C2B. There’s still design, layout and obviously, content that goes into an e-commerce site, but the biggest part of the build is behind the scenes or on “the backside.” This architecture allows customers to smoothly purchase your products and services, receive order updates or download digital product.

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Denton Fisch

Denton Fisch

PRAD Works

I work with Darren monthly. He has always finished my projects on time and within budget. His code knowledge is impressive, and he will always continue to impress.

David A. Musso

David A. Musso

DAM Good Notary

I needed a website that would represent my mobile notary business. I provided a sample design along with written content, and images. Darren finished my design within just a few days. He also kept in constant communication which I certainly appreciate. Thank you!


Howard Sharfman

Natural Verifiers

I’ve known Darren for years. He’s worked on several projects for me. He’s always treated me with courtesy and respect. I’ll continue to use his services for many years

Marc Ferrero

Marc Ferrero

Marc Ferrero Producer

I had the pleasure of meeting Darren through a mutual friend of ours. At the time I was in need of a website, and I didn’t want to go to a complete stranger, but since our mutual friend spoke so highly of him I felt comfortable with giving him the project. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Darren’s turnaround time was quick yet the work was awesome. I had animation, video and an ample amount of stills that had to be easy on the eyes and the navigation had to be effortless. Darren did the job beautifully.
I only had minor changes and after that part was completed he then walked me through obtaining the domain name & hosting. I would strongly recommend him for your next project!!

Stacy Fisch

Appliance, Plumbing, and Design

My clients were having difficulties with my previous website. I asked my husband if he knew anyone that does “website design” he told me “I have someone that could help” Darren came up with something called a “one pager” I liked that idea. Darren finished the site and was ready for my review within two weeks (this was during the holidays) I agreed with the design, and it was even mobile-friendly. Now I have a site that I was proud to show my clients!

Michele Mosler

Michele Mosler

The Goddess Within

Darren has taken care of my website and hosting needs for many years. A dear friend of mine was telling me that I needed to upgrade my website direction. She referred me to a designer that she worked with in the past. The designer did come up with a design that would work for my business needs. However, when I started asking for certain changes, she couldn’t agree with my request. So, I called Darren to see if he could help me with the changes I was asking for. Darren picked up the pieces and completed all my requests. I love him!

Cat Lounge Martinez

Leona Patterson

Cat Lounge Martinez

It was imperative that our web designer be especially patient while we worked through our branding and technical issues. Blue Mochi (Darren) was a pleasure. He was responsive to inquiries and questions. Darren teamwork approach produced a superior site